‘Barry’ isn’t a name you hear much in playgrounds these days. Though back in the day, it was quite the name to have.

Barry Manilow, Barry White, and Barry Sheen (to name just three 70s’ icons) wore their names with pride and style.

And so it was, that in this world of trend-setting Barrys, one, Barry Mero of London, arrived – ready to change the world of cosmetics.

A head for business from an early age

Like Punk taking on a tired music industry, Barry revolutionised cosmetics. The world was ready and eager for a new colour phenomenon. 

With his first shop doors opening on Ridley Road, a spot in Brixton Market soon followed. 

If bold, innovative, standout colours were your thing – whether you were a Goth, New Romantic, Punk or simply just loved makeup – Barry was your go-to man.

By the 80s, Barry was toying with the idea of creating a proper brand.

A beautiful stream of on-trend...


In 2017, Barry M marked its 35th Anniversary with the launch of a shiny, new Mill Hill East space – a state-of-the-art production, distribution, and storage facility.

Gone are the days of mixing Dazzle Dust eyeshadow with palette knives on the Mero’s kitchen table. The new factory not only flaunts the latest manufacturing machinery, labs and technology, but is driving the creation of the next generation of new and exciting products, shades and textures – all distinctly Barry M. 

Now established as one of Britain’s leading colour cosmetics companies, Barry M has its sights on spearheading a global, affordable, quality beauty revolution; Australia is already online, whilst other international territories are set to follow very soon.

Sadly, and deeply missed by many