Veganuary - How YOU Can Help

Veganuary is nearly over so we thought we’d give our vegan babes a little motivation to keep that vegan lifestyle going with some food for thought about how going vegan can really help. It's not just our furry friends we can save by cutting the animal products. Here’s some ways that YOU could help by adding a little #VEGAN to your lifestyle...
You'll be helping to combat world hunger <3 
Did you know that a lot of the food in the world isn’t actually eaten by humans? It's estimated that 70% of the grain grown in the US is actually used to feed their livestock! This equates to around 700 million tons of food!
Swapping some meals to vegan friendly versions could really help combat world hunger so that the land used to grow food for animals, can be used for human food instead.
Adding a little vegan to your lifestyle helps conserve water <3
How does going vegan have anything to do with saving water you might ask? It's hard to see the link between eating meat and using water especially if you're extra careful and keep your water usage to a minimum! Keeping your showers speedy deffo helps but its actually the water consumed by livestock whilst they are being raised which gives meat such a large water footprint.
Switching up a meal to vegan can really help!
Did you know that "cutting down on just one kilo of beef saves 15,000 litres of water. And replacing a roast chicken with a hearty veggie chilli or bean stew (which has similar protein levels) saves 4,325 litres of water". Give it a go!
Eating less meat means cleaner soil <3
 Did you know that raising livestock can lead to deforestation? This means large parts of land are cleared of trees and plants to make space for livestock to roam. 
Plants and trees help to provide nutrients in soil so when they are removed soil becomes weak and eroded. More plants (instead of land being used to raise livestock) mean healthier and cleaner soil!
You'll be helping reduce energy consumption <3
 Getting on that vegan lifestyle massively helps reduce energy consumption! Why you may ask? To raise an animal actually takes a lot of energy! They consume a lot of food during their time being raised (which takes energy to grow).
Meat then goes through a long process to get to your dinner table, this also uses a lot of energy. By swapping up a few meals you will be massively reducing the amount of energy used to create what’s on your plate.
Less meat means cleaner air <3
Nothing is better than breathing in fresh, clean air! Air pollution has become a massive problem and it’s not only caused by transport such as cars and planes. Animal Agriculture is actually one of the top causes of global warming and air pollution.
Did you know the gasses and waste produced by the mass amounts of animals are estimated to cause around 18% of all greenhouse gases! You can try making a few simple swaps to help make our air cleaner. 
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