Uni Top Tips

Join a Society & Get Involved
No matter what you're into, or even if you haven't found your hobby yet, our biggest top tip is to get involved in joining societies! To find out which societies your UNI offers, head down to your Freshers Week Fair.
Don't Spend Your Student Loan Straight Away!
Yes, it might be nice seeing a large sum of money suddenly drop into your bank account, and the pain of withdrawing from buying those new shoes you've been dreaming of might be killing you, BUT you must NOT spend your student loan as soon as you get it! Whether you like it or not, your loan is to help assist your living costs, such as buying food, so make sure you don't waste it and end up living off of pot noodle for the next few months.  

Decorate Your Room to Avoid Homesickness
We know moving away from home can seem slightly daunting, but you're bound to start loving it before long! Our best tip to avoid feeling homesick is to decorate your room and make it feel homely. We recommend adding cute plants (we love a good cactus) and some picture frames to fill with cute pics of your friends and family.
DON'T Skip Your Lectures & Seminars
Okay, now this is an important one - don't skip your lectures! We know late nights and early lectures don't always sound the most appealing, and the idea of staying in bed to watch Netflix in bound sounds like much more fun, but don't do it! The worst thing you can do is let yourself fall behind. It's best to stay on top of your work to avoid stressing out.
Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
UNI is all about finding yourself and discovering hobbies you didn't know you had. Make sure you really try to step out your comfort zone and perhaps get involved in something you wouldn't usually do. You never know, you might discover a new talent you never knew you had!
Plan Study Dates
Make studying more bareable by planning study dates with your besties! Heading down to the library with someone instead of on your own can really help keep you motivated. PLUS, you'll have someone to chat to whilst you're on your study break.
Bring ALL The Fancy Dress You Own
In case you weren't aware, most UNI's have regular society nights which usually have a theme - so fancy dress is a MUST. Whether you have bunny ears, a full on costume or some face paint, make sure you bring anything you've got with you!
Choose Coloured Cutlery 
Okay, this top tip might be a little less important but you'll deffo be glad you listened to us when everyone else has lost their cutlery! it's inevitable that when you're living in student halls, your cutlery seems to ALWAYS go missing. Your best way to avoid this is to go for some cute printed or coloured cutlery so yours stands out. That way no one can take yours without getting caught.