Our Guide to The Ultimate Cosy Night In

This cold November weather calls for blankets, candles, hot chocolate and some soothing skin care. Grab your fave chick flick, stick the kettle on and get ready for your ultimate cosy night in.
Must Haves
Every cosy night in has to start with a little pamper to get you started. Strip off that makeup, stick your hair in a bun and get ready for that fresh out the shower feeling. Once your makeup is removed, we have the perfect serum for revitalised, super-soft skin. Our Nymph Radiance Serum face oil is enriched with anti-inflammatory apricot oil, brightening papaya and soothing tea tree oil. This remedying cocktail of ingredients will leave our babes with super soft, nourished skin. You’re welcome <3
This cold weather is sure to dry those lips out, so our night in is the perf opportunity to give your pout a treat with our fruity Lip Scrubs. Our brand-new flavour Watermelon has added goodness to keep lips soft and hydrated. Vitamin E, Olive Oil and Avocado help prevent and reverse skin damage for healthy, supple lips.
Now this is a must. Get your chillax’in on with our Calming Rose Serum Mist. Infused with acacia collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and with a calming rose scent, this lightweight mist is our biggest must for your cosy night in. Get yourself snuggled up and spray this before cosying up on the sofa *bliss*.
Light it Up
Now your skin prep is done and you’re feeling squeaky clean, its time to set the scene. Nothing beats a room filled with candles when you’re getting cosy in the winter months. Lavender, Eucalyptus, Pine and Jasmine are perfect for relaxing and to fill your room with calming scents.
Nothing Beats a Chick Flick
A cosy night isn’t complete without your fave chick flick. Whether you’ve watched it 100 times, or your browsing Netflix for some newness, a little rom-com is a must when you're trynna unwind.
Stick the Kettle On
Get the kettle on, grab your fave mug and keep warm with a relaxing tea or hot chocolate. Herbal teas like chamomile and green tea are super relaxing and a healthy option for a night in. If you’re going all out you’ll need an ultimate hot chocolate with all the toppings *grabs whipped cream and marshmallows*.
Duvet Day
Finally grab your fluffiest blanket or duvet, wrap it round you like a giant cocoon and curl up on your fave spot of the sofa. Ultimate cosy night bliss <3