The Evolution of Brows

1920's: Thin & Rounded
Early Queens such as actress Clara Bow pencilled her brows into highly-defined dropped arches. This trend saw the end of the silent film era and became extremely popular for women.

1930's: Strong & Arched
The 1930's followed the 20's eyebrow trends but with a little extra definition and boldness. Stars like Billie Holiday paved the way to thicker brows.

1940's: Bushy & Natural Arches
Joan Crawford marked the 40's with her natural and bushier brows, giving women confidence to adopt the lower-maintenance eyebrow trend.

1950's: Arched & Combed
Throughout the following 50's decade, arched and combed brows become much more evident in women's beauty, courtesy of the ultimate beauty inspo, Miss Marilyn Monroe.

1960's: Short & Stubby
60's fashion icon, Twiggy was not known for her brows, but more so her bold statement lashes. Which is why her brows were always kept subtle with the short and understated look.

1970's: Waxed & Over-plucked
The 70's saw the regression of the bushier brow, back to the overly-plucked thin brow look. Donna Summer paired the narrow brow trend with vibrant eyeshadows and excessive blusher.

1980's: Thick & Natural
There was definitely a huge jump from the brow trends between the 70's and the 80's, it literally went from one extreme to the other! Fashion icons such as Brooke Shields represented the natural and bushy brows that everyone still loves today.

1990's: Majorly Plucked
The 90's saw the natural and bushy brow trend completely regress again back to the thin and overly-plucked brows. Supermodels such as Kate Moss defined the minimal, thin brow look for many.

2000's: Penciled In & Ultra-Thin
10 years later and the eyebrow trends became even thinner and more pencilled in. Stars like Christina Aguilera spent a long time plucking their brows to get the ultra-thin look.

2010: Bold Brows
2010 saw a much more natural and thicker brow take the stand, thanks to the Kardashian babes - the over-plucked brow came to an end.

2012: The Cara Delevigne Brow
2012 might not be continuing the decade trend of the evolution of brows, but we simply couldn't miss it out considering this year was Cara Delevigne's most influential year as a model. It's even said that as Cara's bushy brows became popular, the sale of tweezers steadily decreased.

2015-2019: The Insta Brow
The perfectly sculpted thick insta-brow. This trend is still very much around to this day, and we can't see it going anywhere soon. Stars like Zendaya and Kylie Jenner are deffo fans of the trend.

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