Killin' it Like Cardi

  1. Going crazy for crystals with Cardi. These pointed, encrusted nails are as extra as it gets but we can't deny we are obsessed!
Source: Instagram @jenny_spa_bx

2. Get you a girl who gets your face printed on her nails. Cardi B is ultimate wifey goals getting hubby Offset printed onto her nails.
Source: Getty

3. Cardi wouldn't be Cardi without her iconic crystal nails right? Well these pink, barbie inspired acrylics are giving us all kinds of vibes.

Source: Instagram @nailson7th

4. It's deffo the first time we've seen Cardi go natural with her nails and we're slightly confused! Buuuut that's not to say we don't LOVE a classic red mani. Besides, one-toned nails leave room for the focus to be on that ROCK.
Source: Getty

5. Isn't she the cutest? We are totally here for these icy crystal nails. They might not be your average every day look but they'll be sure to grab you some attention!
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6. Lookin' like a bae in blue. Cardi, pls send us your nail artists number because she is killinnnn it!
Source: Instagram @CardiB