Beauty Trends for 2K19

1. This year it's all about the bold lip.
Pair with simple and neutral makeup for a centre-of-attention pout.

2. Grey Locks. This hair trend is here to stay this 2019,
ranking as one of the most highly searched styles on Pinterest this year.
Source: Pinterest

3. It's all about the glossy vibes this year.
From glossy lids, to lips, to simply dewy skin this simple and
low maintenance trend is going to be at the heart of makeup in 2K19.
Source: Pinterest

 4. Glass skin is deffo a vibe for this year.
Less of the hard-core contouring, and more of the flawless and glass-like skin.
We are totally into the simple makeup look.

5. Last but not least is the Hair Pins.
Now I'm sure you've seen these on your fave bloggers on Instagram
and we are convinced these will be one of the biggest 2019 trends.
I mean who doesn't want a bejewelled pin in their hair to snazz up any hairdo?
Source: Pinterest